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Know Your Counterparty

It started with a simple idea in 2015.

We wanted to create a global network. A place where companies can share documents in relation to due diligence and various types of audits. To create a company profile and share it with unlimited number of approved readers. Instead of sending documents via e-mail to each counterparty.

We also wanted to help companies in finance to prove compliance with laws related to monitoring of distributors and outsourcing partners.

Two years later we are excited about the growth of our global community. A KYC solution for mandatory due diligence in the finance sector. Our area of expertise after many years of work with global distribution of financial instruments.

If you are a

Fund Company

You can use our cloud services for due diligence of distributors and sub-distributors. You can also use our services for due diligence of other fund companies if their funds are included in your fund of funds. The profiles include information about distribution strategy, target markets, type of clients, beneficial owners and routines related to AML, CFT and anti-fraud.

If you are a


You can use our platform for due diligence of fund companies and sub-distributors. You can create due diligence reports and secure proof of compliance with rules related to areas such as product and corporate governance. If you have been invited to create a profile by a fund company, you can just request reading rights to their profile and start your due diligence on them.

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Trial Period

Test our services for free during a certain period. You can then request reading rights to counterparty profiles. We can help you with invitation of counterparties on your behalf, if they don’t have a profile yet. Once reading rights have been awarded by your counterparties, you can start to create due diligence reports.

How to start a trial period.

What's unique?

Focus on compliance

We will keep a constant watch on regulatory changes and really listen to ideas of clients. However, always aim for a global standard of questionnaires. With a possibility to ask additional questions in relation to the review of a profile. We will use our own experience of filling out hundreds of questionnaires. But focus more on smart communication instead of too much focus on the content of questionnaires. Because it will have to change over time as new rules enter into force.

Independent network

True efficiency can be reached when all parties come together in the same network. We believe it's a key that the network is completely independent. No conflicts of interests between us and any of the companies in our network. This means that you will be able to use the platform in relation to due diligence on any type of counterparty. Tell us about your needs and be a part of the growth of this independent community.

Proof of compliance

We want to offer a possibility to create proof of compliance. To be able to get immediate access to due diligence reports. If you get a visit by an auditor or a supervisory authority. However, we also want to raise the level of compliance and offer data, which is necessary if you want to really "Know Your Counterparty". To prove a "risk-based approach" when you determine the levels of control in relation to each partner.

Monitor all partners

We want to offer a more active monitoring of counterparties. To get more accurate data and improve your risk assessment of third parties. With a purpose to select better partners and sign agreements in a faster way. To provide better reports to the board about actual risks related to outsourcing. And to know the status of each due diligence process if you have a large number of counterparties.