Speed-up due diligence

Less manual work

Monitor all types of outsourcing partners

GRC WATCH is an independent supplier of a cloud service that will boost efficiency on both sides in a due diligence process.

We are experts on global distribution of financial instruments and in particular funds. Therefore, our current focus is to raise efficiency in relation to initial and regular due diligence of fund companies and distributors of funds.

We are completely independent and we are not a party in the distribution chain. This means that you will be able to monitor all of your fund companies and distributors in GRC WATCH, without any conflicts of interests.

Do you want to see a movie about how to create a profile in GRC WATCH? Just send us an email!

If you are a

Fund Company

You can use our cloud services for due diligence of distributors and sub-distributors. You can also use our services for due diligence of other fund companies if their funds are included in your fund of funds. They will complete a profile in GRC WATCH with information such as distribution strategy, target markets, type of clients, beneficial owners and routines related to AML, CFT and anti-fraud.

If you are a


You can use our platform for due diligence of fund companies. You will create due diligence reports and secure proof of compliance with rules related to areas such as product and corporate governance. We provide tools to support a risk based approach in relation to third parties. This will simplify check-ups by control functions and reporting to the board. No one can access your data in due diligence reports.

We focus on

Data Protection

Your company owns and controls the data in your profile. The data is stored in Sweden and it is subject to an advanced framework of rules when it comes to access rights. GRC WATCH is defined as Data Processor when it comes to management of personal data. Contact us for more information about our terms of use and data processor agreement. They have been drafted in accordance with requirements according to GDPR.

The value of

A complete profile

You will reduce manual work for both parties in a due diligence process by sharing a complete profile in GRC WATCH. Your counterparty will be able to raise the speed of their risk assessment. If it´s a matter of initial due diligence, you will reduce the time to reach a signed agreement.

A secure network

True efficiency can be reached when all parties come together in the same secure network. Together we can finetune the content of profiles as new regulations enter into force. You will be able to connect with counter-parties in a simple and secure way.


We are completely independent and not tied in any way to any financial institute. We will not be involved in any way in the final decisions whether to approve a counterparty or set a certain risk. We are a neutral cloud service provider who will focus on pure digital support for all parties in a due diligence process.

Active assessment

We want to stimulate a more active monitoring of third parties by immediate access to information and possibilities to create different types of due diligence reports. We will help you focus on the right risks and monitor due diligence activities in an efficient way. You will be able to prevent damages before it is too late.

June 14, 2017

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