If you are a company with a license by a Financial Supervisory Authority, you can delegate tasks to different types of partners. You will still be legally responsible for the tasks. This means that you have to risk assess your partners – before you sign an agreement and on a regular basis.

We offer a possibility to share a company profile with many companies. Instead of sending documents to one company at a time. We secure that the content of profiles is in accordance with requirements in laws.

You will be able to document your risk assessment in reports and get proof of compliance.

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After 10 years of work as legal counsels and compliance officers, we decided to disrupt the process for due diligence on companies in the finance sector.

You can now join our independent network with easy access to information about other companies.  You can speed up due diligence and sign agreements faster. You can find new partners and utilize resources in a better way.

It’s free to share a profile. A great way to try our services.

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Distributor monitoring by Lannebo

“We have to risk assess the distributors who are selling our funds. We can now get easy access to information and create due diligence reports. GRC WATCH has a great understanding of global distribution of funds. This has been valuable during the on-boarding process.”

Daniel Sundquist, Head of Marketing & Sales

Lannebo Fonder has approximately 70 billion SEK in AUM across 16 funds and is expanding its distribution globally.

2-way due diligence by Avanza

“We offer funds from a large number of asset managers in our platform. They have to perform due diligence on us and we have to perform due diligence on them. GRC WATCH is perfect for this type of 2-way due diligence. We also share our profile with other types of companies.”

Linnea Wiklund, Head of Fund Selection

Avanza was founded 1999 and has grown from being a small, online stock broker to Sweden’s leading digital platform for savings and investments.

Distribution, Audit & GRC Watch

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