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Streamline and simplify counterparty due diligence

When your time is spent chasing documents and your emails are going unanswered, don’t you ever wish there was a better way? By using standardized methods in the GRC WATCH platform, you no longer need to send unique requests every time, saving valuable resources.

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Build your network and improve business relationships

With GRC WATCH’s growing network, you can find and build relationships without extensive prospecting. Plus, when asset managers are no longer requesting distributors to send them documents and fill out unique questionnaires (or vice versa), you can instead work on solidifying the long term working relationships that lead to loyalty and business referrals.

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Increase your business’s efficiency and refocus priorities

With slow processes, there are only so many contracts you can finalize in any given period. When the process becomes quicker and easier, not only can you increase the amount of quality relationships you can intake, you can spend more time and money on other business growth activities and opportunities.

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“We have to risk assess the distributors who are selling our funds. We can now get easy access to information and create due diligence reports. GRC WATCH has a great understanding of global distribution of funds. This has been valuable during the on-boarding process.”

Daniel SundquistHead of Marketing & Sales, Lannebo Fonder

"We offer funds from a large number of asset managers in our platform. They have to perform due diligence on us and we have to perform due diligence on them. GRC WATCH is perfect for this type of 2-way due diligence. We also share our profile with other types of companies."

Linnea WiklundHead of Fund Selection, Avanza Bank

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