Speed up due diligence

Are you a company in the financial sector that is about to sign agreements with new distributors and suppliers? Do you need to know if they are in compliance with laws and regulations?

Have you received a questionnaire from a partner that is obliged to perform due diligence on your company?

With GRC WATCH you can speed up due diligence by digitizing the whole process – from the collection of information to the analysis and reports. Do you want to learn more? Please enter your email address and we will tell you more.

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We help you

Reduce administrative costs

The more counterparties you have in your network, the more you will save on costs. Digitizing all of your your due diligence work and organizing it all it in a single place will leave you with more time to analyze content and make risk assessments.

Get immediate access to information

Instead of first having to identify the right contact person at your counterparty and then emailing a questionnaire and making sure that they reply, you just log in to GRC WATCH. You search for the company in question and request rights to read their company profile with a simple click.

Monitor many counterparties

By digitizing your due diligence processes, you save time on collecting and sharing information and increase your capacity to manage more counterparties.

Find new partners

In GRC WATCH you search for your counterparties and request reading rights to their company profiles. Since you will see the names of all the companies enrolled in the platform, you can also search for new business partners.

Sign agreements faster

With less administration and a more standardized process, you will shorten the time it takes to onboard new counterparties.

Standardize your due diligence processes

Since there is no agreed standard for the questions to be asked in a due diligence process, questionnaires can vary substantially and it can be cumbersome to compare replies. In GRC WATCH you will find a standard questionnaire that is tailored to fit each of the due diligence types the platform supports. The questionnaires have been (and are constandly beeing) developed in cooperation between ourselves, our clients and our legal advisors.

Create due diligence reports

You can create reports on all counterparties that you have reading rights to on the platform, and use these as proofs of compliance.

Improve risk assessment

When creating a compliance report on a counterparty you can indicate a risk level. You can also open a view showing all your counterparties and compare their risk levels.

Participate in more RFPs

Business opportunities arise when you speed up due diligence, one of them being the ability to participate in more RFPs.