Speed up due diligence

Are you in the financial sector and want to speed-up any of the following processes:

  • Evaluation of potential partners
  • Regular due diligence on existing partners
  • Responses to due diligence on your company
  • Responses to Requests For Proposals

We help parties on both sides in a due diligence process and we work with due diligence on different types of companies. For instance asset managers and distributors of funds.

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Better and faster risk assessment

After 10 years of work as a legal counsel and compliance officer I decided to develop a global network for due diligence. An independent community where all companies can share a company profile and risk assess each other – with no conflicts of interests.

Too much time was spent on chasing documents and I knew that risk assessment could be improved by immediate access to better data and reports. I had written more than 200 distribution agreements and saw how this platform could make it easier to find new partners and to perform initial due diligence in a faster way.

Linda Hellström, Founder

Linda Hellström GRC WATCH
AMF Fonder
Lannebo fonder
SPP fonder

Lannebo: Simplify growth of distribution

“We are expanding globally and the number of distributors in different countries is growing. It’s a challenge to monitor all of them on a regular basis, and we had to find a solution to that. Our distributors also started to intensify their due diligence on us around the time that MiFID II entered into force. This means that we are now monitoring each other, so we wanted to find a mutual platform where all of us can work together and perform due diligence in both directions.

An important factor behind our choice of GRC WATCH is that they are completely independent. All of our distributors can create a company profile on the platform. We also liked the fact that they have a great understanding of the fund industry.”

Daniel Sundquist, Head of Marketing & Sales

Lannebo Fonder has approximately 70 billion SEK in AUM across 16 funds and is expanding its distribution globally. www.lannebofonder.se

Avanza: Due diligence in both directions

“Now we can easily monitor the fund companies that we are obliged to check by law as a fund distributor. The fund companies can check us as well in the same environment. We simply connect to each other’s company profiles on the platform, where we can access a standardized set of facts, documents and contact persons. We also get access to reporting and risk analysis tools.

We always strive to be early adopters of innovative solutions and to lead digital transformation in the fund industry. Joining this network is a step towards huge efficiency gains. Compared to sending questionnaires back and forth via email to our counterparties, this solution is so much better. It’s exactly the kind of development we want to be part of. ”

Linnea Wiklund, Product Specialist & Head of Fund Selection

Avanza was founded 1999 and has grown from being a small, online stock broker to Sweden’s leading digital platform for savings and investments. www.avanza.se