Know Your Distributor (KYD)

We offer services for initial and regular due diligence on distributors of funds.

If you are an asset manager, connect with distributors in our community. Request “reading rights” to their “distributor profile”. Share your own asset manager profile with them and use our services for due diligence in both directions.

Create due diligence reports, which can be used as a proof of compliance. You can find them easily in relation to sample checks by auditors and a possible visit by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

If you want to sign agreements with distributors who are not yet in our community, invite them to create a profile. You can create reports on all distributors even if they don’t have a profile. Let us tell you more about that and our free on-boarding services.

Content of profiles

Some of the most common questions:

  • What kind of information can you find in a profile?
  • Who owns the data in a profile?
  • Can you add additional questions in the questionnaire?
  • How do we adapt to different requirements in laws in some countries?
  • Does the profile include questions related to MiFID II?

The best way to learn about the content is to create a free account. Connect with a partner and request reading rights to their profile. We normally charge for reading rights but we offer a profile for free.

You can also visit our LEGAL page to get the answers to some of the questions. We would be happy to tell you more in a meeting. We can then talk about the content from a compliance perspective and how you can secure compliance with national laws and challenging EU Directives such as MiFID II.


Sharing profiles

Some of the most common quetsions:

  • Who can read your profile?
  • Can you remove a reader if you terminate the agreement?
  • Do you have to share all of the content in a profile?
  • How can you stop getting questionnaires via email?

No one can read the content of your profile unless you have included the other company in your list of readers. They can only see public information such as legal name and domicile in order to know that they are connecting with the right company.

Please book a demo to learn about the basic features in GRC WATCH. We will show you how to get started in a fast way with the use of our free on-boarding services.

We have a long experience of global distribution of funds. This is useful during the first phase of the on-boarding process when your preferred list of connections is defined.


Know Your Asset Managers (KYAM)

We offer services for initial and regular due diligence on asset management companies.

If you are a distributor offering funds, connect with asset managers and perform due diligence on them. Request “reading rights” to their “asset manager profile”.

This type of service has been developed partly because of the product governance and target market rules in MiFID II. However, the service can also be used for due diligence by a fund selector and for due diligence between asset management companies..(E.g. Fund-of-Fund due diligence).

We run workshops with distributors on how to risk assess asset managers in a fund platform. If you are interested in that, ask us to run a workshop with your team. This type of due diligence can be performed in many ways depending on your definition of risks and risk appetite. We will talk about possible risks and how you can monitor them in GRC WATCH.

Due diligence on other companies

We have worked with many different types of due diligence. We noticed that we are sharing the same documents in many different types of due diligence. Also, that people in different departments are doing the same type of work.

We want to change this and we want do do it together with the members in our community. You don’t have to be a client to share an idea with us. Tell us about your most time-consuming process related to due diligence. When you are performing due diligence on other companies or when you are subject to due diligence by other companies.

Drop us an email or contact our support. We are interested in all sorts of feedback.

Want to learn about risk assessment?

We can offer inspiration about content of a policy and process description for due diligence. We do that by sharing our own knowledge and experience and the things we learn in discussions with members in our community. We normally talk about the following in demos and meetings:

  • who should be checked?
  • how should they be checked?
  • differences between initial and regular due diligence
  • differences between simplified and enhanced due diligence

We run workshops and events about risk assessment and legal requirements in different countries. You can meet us live or in web meetings. Just let us know what you prefer.


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