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Most Common

  1. We received an invitation by a partner to create an account.
    They want us to complete a profile and to add them as a reader so they can perform due diligence on our company. Is it free for us to have a profile and add them as a reader?
  2. What can we find in a profile?
    A profile consists of a questionnaire, a document library and contact persons. The questions in the questionnaire are tailormade for certain types of due diligence.
  3. Can we ask for additional information and documents which are not included in the questionnaire and the documents shared by our partner?
    Yes. Just send a message to the partner and ask them to add it to their profile or to send it directly to you via the “send message” function.
  4. We only want a few documents so we are not interested in the entire questionnaire. Can we still use your tool?
    Yes. You can use it for exchange of any kind of documents.
  5. Can we invite colleagues who want to be users in our company account?
    Yes. It is a great way for you to collaborate within your organization.