Comply with laws and speed-up your work.

Get proof of compliance.

Document your controls in reports and prove that you comply with laws related to third party risk assessment. Get easy access to the reports in relation to audits.

Keep the board informed.

The board is utterly responsible for outsourcing activities and compliance. Create reports to the board about due diligence activities and third party risks.

Gather data about all partners.

Get immediate access to information by members in the network. Upload documents that you receive via email or other solutions if they are not yet a member of our network.

Check contractual obligations.

Show that you comply with laws and contractual obligations by sending certain types of one-to-one confirmations. For instance that you have had no target market deviations and complaints.

Stop chasing documents.

Colleagues in different departments often need to share the same type of documents about your company. Let them access and share the right version of documents in your profile.

Constant access to documents.

Get access to the same documents next year without having to ask for it. You have constant access and members get an alert to update the content every quarter.

Struggling to get started?

Join our webinars to learn about ways to meet the legal requirements related to due diligence. For instance the following webinars:

  • The 11-step checklist for due diligence on distributors
  • Target Market Feedback¬† Reporting – how to do it in practise

Our compliance experts will provide concrete examples and share common practise. Follow our company page on Linkedin for news about coming webinars.

We can also run a workshop with your team and show you how to use our tool in relation to a few partners.