Born Global

GRC WATCH is a Swedish RegTech company with a mission to enhance the process for due diligence in the financial sector.

We focus on B2B due diligence which is required by laws and international regulations such as the EU directives. Our services can be used for due diligence on many different counterparties, such as brokers and institutional clients, but our prime focus is on due diligence of asset managers and distributors of funds. Companies like product suppliers (e.g. fund managers), distributors (e.g. banks) and different types of intermediaries in the distribution chain (e.g. fund platforms and advisory firms).

We are born global since our clients work with asset managers and distributors in many different countries. We were therefore selected by Business Sweden as a member of their “Born Global” initiative, a governmental program to support the global expansion of Swedish FinTech companies.

Founded by a legal counsel

Linda Hellström is a Swedish legal counsel who started to work with global distribution of funds at East Capital Asset Management AB in 2005. As a Legal Counsel she negotiated hundreds of distribution agreements and became CEO of the company a few years later. She realized that much could be done to speed up the process for signing distribution agreements.

Linda moved on and worked as a compliance officer for different types of licensed institutes. She became a key person in due diligence processes between asset management companies and distributors of funds. She filled out hundreds of due diligence questionnaires and lead a large number of on-site due diligence meetings. A very time-consuming process since information was shared with one company at a time.

At the end of 2015 she started thinking about ways to share the same information with all of your partners. To create a compliance tool that will help you ask the right questions in relation to a certain type of due diligence. Last but not least, a tool to document your controls and get proof of compliance.

Development driven by compliance expertise

Susanna v. Langsdorff is a Swedish legal counsel based in Paris. She started working with Linda at East Capital in 2006. After relocating to the East Capital Paris office in 2008 she continued to work with global distribution of East Capital’s funds, particularity in relation to East Capital’s Luxembourg based funds.

In May 2015 Susanna started working as an independent consultant and compliance officer on a consultancy basis with many different types of companies, mainly in France and the UK. With the MiFID II being a hot topic, she started to think of ways to streamline and speed up due diligence for companies within the fund industry.

The former colleagues met up in Paris in 2017 and decided to join forces. Today Susanna is a partner of GRC WATCH and manages the GRC WATCH development team. As an expert on rules related to product governance and target market reporting she has led the development of our services within this area.

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Our Mission

When starting this company, we decided to focus initially on due diligence between asset managers and distributors of funds. Partly because these types of companies are obliged to perform due diligence on each other. Partly because this was a very manual process in need of a solution which would make it possible to co-operate in a better way.

We believe it is a key to our success that we are truly independent. We are not involved in distribution of financial instruments on the “sell side”. Any company can have a profile in our community with no conflict of interest.

We offer inspiration for risk assessment but we do not offer advice on the risk in relation to a specific company. The final decision about the risks will be made by you and this is in accordance with the requirements in law.