Tech supplier only

We want to stay independent and make it possible for any company to have a profile in our platform. We will offer automatic alerts to help parties on both sides in a due diligence process. We will also offer automatic scoring of profiles to a certain extent.

However, we will not offer a complete pre-analysis of risks in relation to each company. The reason for that is simple. We want to avoid conflicts of interests and make it possible to monitor all counterparties in one single platform. We also think that clients are better served by a number of selected partners who are experts on risk assessment of third parties in the distribution chain.

Sell due diligence as a service

We offer a possibility for intermediaries to offer due diligence as a service. This means that you can:

  • perform pre-analysis of your client’s partners. You can use our platform to access data about third parties and distribute unique reports to clients.
  • offer a possibility for your client’s to access the company profiles of third parties upon need. For instance if your pre-analysis is indicating a high risk.

Get in touch with us to get more information about possible partnerships.