For Asset Managers

Time is money. But for asset managers, completing due diligence of distributors can be a long, laborous process that can slow down sales and internal business.

When you need to file reports quickly and accurately, standardizing as much as possible can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete assessments. This means quicker expansion of your distributor network and more money in your pockets.

In our platform you can:

  • Invite new distributors to create profiles or use existing GRC WATCH network
  • Request reading rights and share your company info
  • Generate and share documentation and reports

For Distributors

Credibility is everything. Distributors must know that the products they sell their end customers are provided by reputable and legitimate fund suppliers. But ensuring compliance of every single regulation can be challenging.

When you need to show competence and comprehensiveness of reports, standardizing as much as possible can significantly reduce the amount of issues that can easily fall through the cracks.

With our platform you can:

  • Manage different profile types
  • Secure an audit trail including previous compliance records
  • Use easy-to-follow checklists at each stage of assessment

How does it work?


We have worked with many different types of due diligence, but we always noticed the same problems: we are sharing the same exact documents across many different types of due diligence, and people in different departments of organizations are doing the same type of work.

It’s redundant and it’s slow. It’s time to modernize third party risk assessment.

The best way to do this is together with the members in our community. By enlarging our network, sharing competencies and processes, we can expedite due diligence processes while still being thorough, professional, and accurate.

Onboarding and Workshops

Need inspiration for the content of a policy, or process description for due diligence? We regularly share our own knowledge, experience and findings from discussions with members of our community.

Schedule a meeting or demo to talk to us about:

  • who should be checked?
  • how should they be checked?
  • differences between initial and regular due diligence
  • differences between simplified and enhanced due diligence

We offer workshops and events about risk assessment and legal requirements in different countries.

We also offer onboarding for the GRC WATCH platform for your organization as well as the counterparties you invite to sign up. Meet us in person, or schedule a web meeting.

You don’t have to be a client to share an idea with us. We want to know about your most time-consuming process related to due diligence, whether you are performing due diligence on other companies, or when you are subject to due diligence.

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