Agile compliance

We keep a constant watch on regulatory changes and really listen to feedback by clients. We’re aiming for a global standardization of the due diligence process but we believe that it will take time. We also believe that everyone will never ask the exact same questions. Members in our network must have a possibility to ask for unique information. Rules will change over time and so must the content of profiles. Still, we will always try to go for questions and documents in a profile which can be shared with more than one counterparty.

General documents

We will support our clients when they are asking counterparties to accept documents, which are not addressed to a specific company. If so, they can share the same document in a profile with unlimited number of approved readers. We would be happy to tell you how we have helped our clients with this. We have been a bit surprised ourselves that it has been easier than we thought. Probably because of the fact that we have worked on the other side of this type of due diligence. We know the reasons why they are asking for a specific document.

Our independence

True efficiency can be reached when all parties come together in one single network. Since our platform is completely independent there are no conflicts of interests. We are not distributing financial instruments and any party who is involved with that can have an account in our platform. We want to offer a possibility for asset managers to monitor all of their distributors in GRC WATCH.


We noticed that similar documents are requested in different types of due diligence. We can solve that by letting you share a profile with more than one type of counterparty. Our background in legal and fund administration gives us a great understanding of all the documents that are sent back and forth. We have done this work ourselves in a manual way. Now we’re offering a platform we wish we had ourselves.