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Our client agreement and Terms of Use (ToU) for the platform have been adapted to comply with GDPR.

The ToU are accepted by any company with an account in the platform, regardless of whether the company is a paying client or if the company is just sharing a profile for free. The ToU stipulates among others that the owner of the profile is the sole owner of data in the profile. It also states that this company is the only one who can change the data in the profile. Hence, the owner is responsible for updating the data in the profile on a regular basis. We will send various types of alerts in order to help you keep your profile up to date.

The ToU refer to our Online Privacy Statement and Data Processor Agreement. The Online Privacy Statement regulates how data about individual users can be processed in the platform. The Data Processor Agreement  defines among others what types of data which is processed in the platform.

If you have an account in our platform and want to revisit the terms according then log into the platform and go to Settings/Legal in the top right corner.

In addition to the above, we have also updated our Communication Services Privacy Policy with regard to GDPR:

GRC Watch Communication Services Privacy Policy

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Contact us if you have any questions about personal data. Also, if you want to file a complaint. Please send your email to