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Before you can access and start working in the platform, we will review the registration in order to verify the existence of your company and that the legal name is correct. We aim to do so within 24 hours. Once this is done, you will receive an official invitation via email to access your company account in the platform.

The choice of profile type determines the content of the profile in your company account. The questions in the due diligence questionnaire and the list of recommended documents differ to some extent depending on the type of company. We currently offer complete profiles for asset managers and distributors of funds. The asset manager profile is intended for legal entities who perform any type of asset management but in particular management of funds and FoF. The distributor profile is intended for any company who is marketing and/or distributing funds. For instance banks, fund platforms, securities companies and advisory firms. The distributor profile can be used by both distributors and sub-distributors.