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Choose the plan that works best for your team and your due diligence process.

For starters:

Free information access. 

With your starter account you can request access to information in the profile of any company and much more. What is included in your free account?

   Share your profile with 3 companies

   Unlimited access to information

   Invite as many companies as you wish

   Invite up to 5 colleagues as users

When you exceed 5 users, pay a monthly fee of 30 €/month/user.

You can request a customized pricing offering below that suits your needs. We will be in touch with you when you exceed any limit of your free plan.

For respondents to due diligence:

Share with many at once. 

Avoid filling out multiple questionnaires and respond with your company profile to any due diligence/KYC request. How does it work?

   Share your profile with more than 3 companies

   Set limitations for access on documents

   Give different permissions to your users 

   Invite up to 5 colleagues as users

Pay a monthly membership fee and share your profile with up to 10 companies. If you want to share with more than 10, please contact us for our enterprise plan.

When you exceed 5 users, pay a monthly fee of 30 €/month/user.

You can request a customized pricing offer below that suits your needs. We will be in touch with you when you exceed any limit of this plan.

For performers of due diligence:

Risk assess others in detail.

Get proof of compliance and show that you are checking partners before you sign an agreement and during the term of your relationship. What can you do?

   Create reports about your analysis of third party risks

   Monitor follow-up activities

   Get a list with current risk per company

   Create a summary report to the board 

   Get a channel for complaints reports

   Send/request target market reports

Pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of companies who are subject to your due diligence and/or KYC.

You can request a customized pricing offering below at anytime. The number of users in your account is regulated in such offer.

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    The most common questions.

    Free services

    If I invite a company to read our profile, do they have to pay for that?

    The reader never pays for getting access to documents and information in a profile. They can collect documents this way from unlimited number of companies. They start paying only if they:

    – have more than 3 readers of their own profile

    – have more than 5 users in their company account and/or

    – start using our premium tool for performers of due diligence.

    Can I also download documents - at no cost?

    Yes, of course. We want to make sure that you can get access quickly if you have a tight deadline for your due diligence/KYC.

    I only need a few documents - why should I create a free account?

    Your counterparty can save a lot of time by sharing documents in a profile instead of sending documents to one company at a time. The benefit for you is that:

    – your counterparty is ready to share the documents immediately and if you miss a document in their profile they will be motivated to complement the profile.

    – you can easily access documents in relation to future due diligence on the same company. E.g. your annual check on them.

    – you can search and connect with other companies and request access to their profiles as well.

    Upgrading & invoicing

    How do I upgrade my account?

    We will get in touch with you when you reach a limit where you have to start paying. We will send an invoice once a quarter and you will pay quarterly in advance. The invoice will specify the details on which the fee is based. For instance, if you add more than 3 readers, we will review number of actual readers prior to invoicing.

    Can I try all services for free during a certain period?

    Yes, we can allow you to do so when we make a customized offer to you. Tell us about your needs and we can help you experience the benefits of our platform.

    Can I get the invoice to a special email address?

    Yes, of course. Tell us your email for invoicing and we will send the invoice directly to this email.

    If I have questions regarding an invoice, who should I contact?

    Please contact in case you have any questions and we will get back to you shortly.

    Terms & conditions

    If I buy your services, how long is the termination period?

    You sign up for a year and after 12 months, the termination period is 3 months.