Avanza Bank: GRC WATCH helps us work smarter

Why did Avanza Bank select GRC WATCH for due diligence? Linnea Wiklund, Product Specialist – Funds at Avanza Bank shares her view:

 “The most brilliant part of GRC WATCH is that it helps us work smarter. Now we can easily monitor the fund companies that we are obliged to check by law as a fund distributor. The fund companies can check us as well in the same environment. We simply connect to each other’s company profiles on the platform, where we can access a standardized set of facts, documents and contact persons. We also get access to reporting and risk analysis tools.

At Avanza we always strive to be early adopters of innovative solutions and to lead digital transformation in the fund industry. Joining the GRC WATCH network is leading to huge efficiency gains. Compared to sending questionnaires back and forth via email to our counterparties, this solution is so much better. It’s exactly the kind of development we want to be part of. The sooner everyone is part of the same network, the sooner we will all benefit!”

About Avanza: Avanza Bank was founded 1999 and has grown from being a small, online stock broker to Sweden’s leading digital platform for savings and investments. Avanza is challenging the larger banks and insurance companies in the Swedish savings market. www.avanza.se

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